reps Michael and Brian turned over the big check to Helpline House yesterday. Thanks to everyone who supported Gobblefest Bainbridge 2021!!!! I also sent $3k to NW Harvest earlier this week so Gobs raised a total of $13,860 for local food charities in 2021! Why is there such a difference in the amounts…a couple of reasons. First, Michael Wright is the absolute champion of getting sponsorships and company matching funds for donations. That makes a HUGE difference….something we need to do in Kirkland going forward. In addition, Helpline House really gets involved in promoting the event and having their volunteers work the event…. again, something we have been lacking in Kirkland. We’ll dial it in for 2022!

Donations can be made to Gobblefest (Benefest) through the following channels as well.
If you choose to donate directly to Helpline House, please be sure to include a reference to Gobblefest in your messaging so your donation can be attributed to the Gobblefest cause.
Gobblefest is part of the Benefest family of charity music shows
Thanks for your consideration and support!
Brian Feldtman
Gobblefest Founder
Guitarist for The BFD